Langley Class Descriptions

Stay motivated and get variety with our extensive range of classes tailored to your fitness level, from beginner to advanced we have a class to suit everyone.

BOXERFIT – Combines elements of boxing, muscular strength training, endurance training and cardiovascular training in one session.

BOOTCAMP – This is a conditioning class using many training styles. It has a strong cardio component as well as muscle conditioning within an interval format. Training will reflect a sports style of movement. The intensity will depend on the exercisers fitness level.

SYNERGY 360 – YOU WILL BE PUSHED TO THE LIMIT! This functional fitness training system enables our Certified Personal Trainers to provide you with masses of different exercise methods and work a wide array of muscle groups. 

*It is recommended the exercisers in this athletic style workout are able bodied with good joint mobility.

*Pre-registration required 24 hours in advance. Max. 16 participants.

INTERVAL HIIT – An interval cardio resistance training program. High energy + big effort yields BIG RESULTS! Exercisers are coached for safe movements. 

20-20-20 – 20 min Hi/Lo Impact Cardio – 20 min Cardio (step or intervals) – 20 min Core Conditioning. Core training will strengthen joint stabilizers and back, as well as improve postural muscles.

TOTAL BODY WORKOUT – This interval circuit style of training has cardio and muscle conditioning.

STEP IT UP – A cardio class using challenging patterns and combinations on a raised platform.

YOGA – Yoga techniques and poses are taught with the focus on the development of the body, mind and spirit. Body position, breathing & relaxing techniques are integrated in this special class.

ZUMBA – Latin inspired exercise in disguise. Fun and easy to follow basic steps for all ages, levels, dancers and non-dancers. Cardio based toning, sculpting, calorie burning workout.

ZUMBA TONING – Lightweight maraca-like toning sticks enhance sense of rhythm and coordination while toning target zones, including arms, core and lower body.

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